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JSC „IZOVOLTAS“ was initially founded as a Lithuanian electrical engineering, electronics, technological and industrial equipment supplies company. In the very beginning, it was just a small workshop in Vilnius, later developed into an International company with connections across Europe, USA, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Asia – for global positioning markets.

Our company offers globally recognized technologies for leading electronics products and projects that meet our customers’ individual needs. We can offer technological solutions for different fields of industry: energy transmitting, transport, railways, military & civil air forces and information technology segments, serving customers worldwide.

The details of services offered and detailed description of our products can be found under „Products“. JSC „IZOVOLTAS“ is a member of „Lithuanian Business Employers Confederation“ starting December 21, 2004. Seeking active social involvement, JSC „IZOVOLTAS“ is sponsoring the UNICEFF program „Protection of Children‘s rights“.

From July 4, 2005 Company’s activities are based on the BS EN ISO 9001:2001 quality management system. In 2006 JSC „IZOVOLTAS“ became a part of the programme managing the „Green Dot“ project. From 2009 we are included in the official lists of approved suppliers (OPTS) that can be found on the


Railway equipment and parts
Heat exchanging equipment and pressure vessels
Telemetry Systems MWD (Measurment While Drilling)
Substation equipment and parts
Measurement instruments
Airport equipment
Turbine and compressor spare parts
Shot blasting chamber and industrial air cleaning systems
Road construction and maintenance equipment

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